Exhaling Space 

Navona Records 

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Alejandro Rutty and a cast of remarkable musicians present "Exhaling Space", a collection of exciting new works. The music in this album features Rutty's personal mix of world music styles, melody-driven lyricism and rhythmic fireworks.

The album features performances by the Beo String Quartet, Fabián López, Vincent Van Gelder, Inara Zandmane, Jacqui Carrasco, Scott Rawls, Marjorie Bagley, Steve Stusek, Anthony Taylor, Kelly Burke, Adam Ricci, Guy Capuzzo, Fernando Martinez López and Alejandro Rutty

"an album that's worthy of your time, and a listening experience that matures with each additional play." 

Darren Rea, Review Graveyard

"You should listen to this" (Sollte man gehört haben

Sven Godenrath, Ihr Opernrath

"An album that’s an answer to the Grammy- winning Goat Rodeo Sessions, this collection of works by Alejandro Rutty is both radically joyful and rhythmic, yet sometimes as deep and soft and sentimental as music gets."

American Record Guide (July 2018)

"This release...sizzles with the energy and passion of Latin and world music influence....Not to be missed is Martian Milonga ... A Mars Colony (2145)... grounded in solid craftsmanship and given new futuristic life that even a Martian would love"

Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press

"Engaging sound world that invites the listener in on often fascinating aural journeys"

Steven kennedy, Cinemusical

Winnipeg Free Press, Holly Harris
Review Graveyard, Darren Rea
Cinemusical, Steven Kennedy
Ihr Opernratgeber, Sven Godenrath

Interview with  Alejandro Rutty about "The Other Side of My Heart

Cristina Baccín, "Corazon Tanguero".  KUNM, Albuquerque, 2017


The Conscious Sleepwalker 

Navona Records, 2012

On the multifarious THE CONSCIOUS SLEEPWALKER, his first album on Navona Records, Rutty presents works for saxophone quartet and orchestra that explore concepts ranging from explorations of tango within pop culture of the future to halfdreams versus fictional reality. The album's title piece has been received widespread critical acclaim, having been called 'a terrific curtain-raiser' (Boston Globe) and 'amusing…an immediate test of the ensemble's mettle' (New York Times). Through acclaim for his music, receipt of a grant through
the Copland Fund, and his impeccable ability to blend, mash, and transform genre, Rutty is a worth contender as a leading experimenter of the 21st century.

The Other Side of My Heart

Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble