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Student Outcomes

Below are the names of some of our recent Music Composition graduates with a summary of their current activities. I have included links to their websites where examples of their work can be found. Notice the stylistic diversity of the music in our composition studio.

Wei Dai (MM 2014) just completed an Artist Diploma at Curtis Institute.  She is now working towards a PhD at Princeton University. Her music has been performed ensembles like by the Utah Symphony, "Bang in a Can Festival"  and featured on NPR's "Performance Today"

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Ash Stemke (MM 2016) graduated from Florida State University with a DMA in Composition-Theory, and has been appointed Assistant Professor of Music at Murray State University in 2019.

Grace Gollmar (BM 2019).  Grace Gollmar is now at the University of Texas at  Austin  for a Masters in Composition.

Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs.

Isaac Pyatt (BM 2018) is  currently doing a MM in percussion performance at Michigan State University. He is active and successful both as a composer and performer.

Robin McLaughlin (MM 2018) is currently a Lecturer at UNCG, planning to apply to a doctoral program for the fall 2020. She is very active as a composer and performer.

Anna Meadors: (MM 2015) is pursuing a PhD in Music Composition at Princeton University

Jake Thiede (MM 2016)  is pursuing a DMA at  the University of North Texas. His interests include grooves and rhythms in metal music, glitch, and the manipulation of sine tones.

Eric Pazdziora (MM 2016)  Graduated in 2018 with a DMA at the University of Maryland. He especializes in vocal, theatrical  and sacred music.

Trevor Bumgarner (BM 2012) Graduated with a MM in composition from  The Juilliard School in 2015.  Trevor is a current teaching artist with Juilliard, YCIW (Young Composers and Improvisers Workshop) at the Village Community School, and the NY Philharmonic Bridge composition program,

Steve Landis (MM 2012) completed a DMA at the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2017. Since then he has received multiple commissions, especially on tuba music. Landis is also lecturer at UNCG and Guilford College and free-lance double-basss player

Joshua Marquez (MM 2013) After  graduating from UNCG completed a PhD at the University of Iowa. His music is being performed and recorded by very good groups  (Arditti, Jack Quartets, etc.)  He also composes electronic tracks, one of which has half a million plays on Spotify

Nicholas Rich (BM 2012) After UNCG, completed a MM at North Carolina School of the Arts. Taught courses at UNCG, Pfeiffer University. Co-founder of the ensemble Collappss, he now created and performs with a Appalachian Folk-new music crossover ensemble.

Kate Wagner (BM 2016) After UNCG, completed a MA in Audio Design at Johns Hopkins University. Her love for architecture led her to create the "McMansion Hell" blog, which made her one of the most sought-after cultural-architectural critics (at age 23!), having been featured in The Atlantic, The Nation, NPR's Marketplace, and many other significant outlets.

Sharneisha Joyner (BM 2019)  is in England, pursuing a Masters in Screen Music at the Royal College of Music in London

Yunfei Li: (MM 2019) is now pursuing  a DMA in music composition at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Among other activities, Yunfei is composing a piece for the German Brass

Elizabeth Kowalski (MM 2013) Founded and now directs the Charlotte New Music Festival. Additionally she teaches at Central Piedmont Community College.

Binshan Zhao (MM 2016)  has just graduated with a DMA at Ohio State University.

(Doris) Xiaohe He (MM 2018) returned to China where she is in a contract with a record label to compose songs for a number of artists.

Shawn Milloway (MM 2016) is pursuing a DMA at  the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

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