Orchestral, choral and large ensemble

A Future of Tango (Part III)

Red Clay Saxophone Quartet & Present~Continuous

Waking Up Down at the Bottom of the Sea

for orchestra,  9'. Tampa Bay Symphony


The Conscious Sleepwalker Loops

Moravian Philharmonic. Navona Records

Piano Concerto

Vincent Van Gelder, UNCG Symphony, Kevin Geraldi, conductor

A Future of Tango (Part II)

Red Clay Saxophone Quartet & Present~Continuous

Down Home: The Cantata.

Jewish Life in the American South (Selections)

Triangle Jewish Chorale and Orchestra

Solo and chamber music

The Port Within, for wind quintet and piano

UNCG Faculty Concert

Exhaling Space

Beo String Quartet

Black Box Bossa

American Modern Ensemble

The Other Side of My Heart

Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble


for piano

Cantabile Hop

for piano and small ensemble

Simultaneous Worlds (Mvt. III)

Due East Duo

More Music For Examining

and Buying Merchandise

for solo instrument and electronics

Steve Stusek, Saxopohone

City of Webs 

Michael Basinski, words and spoken voice

Alejandro Rutty, electronics

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 2

4Mil cuarteto de Saxofones

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 2

Veronika String Quartet

Qualia M 

for computer-controlled piano

Exhaling Space

Album preview

The Conscious Sleepwalker

Promotional video. Navona Records