Exhaling Space  

(Navona Records)   

Nueva Música Argentina para cuarteto de  saxofones

Cuarteto 4Mil (PAI Records)

The Other Side of My Heart

Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble

Simultaneous Worlds, Due East Duo. Albany Records 

The Conscious Sleepwalker  

 (Navona Records)   

Mood Shifts. SCI Compact Disc Series. Capstone Records, Red Clay Saxophone Quartet

Jeffrey Jacobs

Jazz and Meditations

New Ariel Recordings

Masterworks of the

New Era, Vol 3.  

ERM Media 



Large Ensemble

A Future of Tango; 

Concerto For Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra (2010) 17'

The Conscious Sleepwalker Loops, 

for orchestra (2008) 13'

Waking Up Down at the Bottom of the Sea 

for orchestra

2-2-2-2/2-2-2-2 / timp+2 perc. /strings,  9'

Tango Loops 2B

for orchestra (2005)  8’

Tango Loops 1C

for orchestra (2003)  11’ 

Las Vegas Raga Machine

for wind ensemble (2009)  8’

String Quartets


Your Questions Online

for string quartet

Exhaling Space

for string quartet

Medley from A  Future of Tango

for string quartet

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 2              (2012) 3’

Artificial Resonances

for string quartet (2000) 10’

Witchcraft Recipes #6

for string quartet (1998) 12’



Cantabile Hop                                           

for piano and chamber ensemble (14’)  



and the Ghost of Kapsberger emerged and said:

for electric bass (2021)  6‘ 


for 6-string electric bass (2020)  6‘ 

Down With Those Guitars!

for 6-string electric bass (2020)  7‘ 

Concord of Thought

for two amplified

equal instruments  (2015-20)  5' 


Solo and Chamber Ensembles

Forget Buxtehude and Grab That Banjo

for saxophone, guitar,

piano and percussion (2020)  9' 

Guitar Trio

for three classical or electric guitars (2019)  9‘  (Coming soon)

Under the Long Shadow of Senseless Acts

for violin, cello and piano (2019)  6‘ 

Focus Beyond Clarity

for alto saxophone and guitar (2019)  7‘ 

On the Continuity of Self

for alto saxophone and guitar (2018)  6‘ 


for percussion quartet (2017)  9‘ 

The Port Within

for wind quintet and piano (2016)  8‘ 

Transparent Sun 

for violin and piano (2015) 9‘                              

Simultaneous Worlds

for flute and percussion (2008)  8‘        

Music For Examining And Buying Merchandise 

for alto sax, piano and vibraphone (2011)  7’

Cantabile Hop

for piano and chamber ensemble (14’)    

Black Box Bossa

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello,

and piano (2009)  8‘    

The Other Side of My Heart

for voice, violin, piano, bass, percussion,

playback (2014)  35’


for oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon (2005) 5’

Saxophone Quartets


Witchcraft Recipes # 9 & 9b                     

for saxophone quartet (2001) 7’ 

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 1                                        

for saxophone quartet (2008)  6’ 

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 2

for saxophone quartet (2005)  3’

Medley from A Future of Tango                                         

for saxophone quartet (2012) 4‘

Vocal Music

The Other Side of My Heart

for voice, violin, piano, bass, percussion,

playback (2014)  35’


Down Home, The Cantata; Jewish Life in the American South 

for SATB soli, chorus and small orchestra (2013) 45‘

The Fight to Be Favorite 

(Opera for Children) 6 singers, piano, optional instruments. 

Libretto by David Holley (2012) 18’

The Stolen Voice 

(Opera for Children) 8 singers, piano, optional instruments. 

Libretto by David Holley (2015) 12’


Variable Instrumentation With Electronics

City of Webs                                                                            

for variable instrumentation and electronic media.

Text and recorded voice by Michael Basinski, (2009)  22’


for 2 clarinets and electronics (2011)  10’

More Music For Examining And Buying Merchandise

solo or variable instrumentation

and electronics (2012)  8’