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Forget Buxtehude and Grab that Banjo

for saxophone, guitar, piano and percussion

(Duration: 9 minutes)

Ninety-five percent of the music programmed by symphony orchestras and the classical music industry is music written by dead composers from the past. There is really no need for much of Gluck, Biber, Spohr, Sammartini, Borodin, and so many other fine deceased second-tier composers. If we are going to keep spending money on lesser works, then let’s spend it on works by living musicians; or just come-up with music, invent, improvise, enjoy.


In other words: Forget Buxtehude and Grab that Banjo

Martian Milonga

Martian Milonga 

for violin, guitar, piano, bass, percussion

View Score (Martian Milonga)
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