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Recordings - Scores (private page)

Commercially Released Recordings

Exhaling Space  

(Navona Records)   

The Other Side of My Heart

Lorena Guillén Tango Ensemble

The Conscious Sleepwalker  

 (Navona Records)   

Simultaneous Worlds, Due East Duo. Albany Records 

Nueva Música Argentina para cuarteto de

saxofones (Cuarteto 4Mil)

Mood Shifts. SCI Compact Disc Series. Capstone Records, Red Clay Sax Quartet

Masterworks of the

New Era, Vol 3.  

ERM Media 

Albums of music and projects released independently by performers or organizations

Music for orchestra and large ensemble (selection)

Chamber Music (selection)

Symphonic Arrangements (Selection)

Argentine Tango

Arrangements and Compositions 

(Selections from studio and live recordings)

Incidental Music and Other Works (Selection)

Opera for Children

Exhaling Space Navona Records - March 2018

The Conscious Sleepwalker Navona Records - March 2012

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