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Alejandro Rutty Music Publishing

Click on the name of the piece to view the score. For works not listed on this page, inquire.

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buy Waking Up Down

I Remember it Differently

for Solo horn and horn ensemble (2023) 11'

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Waking Up Down at the Bottom of the Sea 

for orchestra,  2-2-2-2/2-2-2-2 / timp+2 perc. /strings,  9'

Piano Concerto (2014)     

1111/1000/1 perc./solo piano/ strings, 14‘

buy A Future of Tango
buy Piano Concerto

Down Home, The Cantata; Jewish Life in the American South 

for SATB soli, chorus and small orchestra (2013) 45‘

buy Down Home

The Fight to Be Favorite 

(Opera for Children) 6 singers, piano, optional instruments. 

Libretto by David Holley (2012) 18’

buy Fight TO Be Favorite
buy Qualia

Cantabile Hop                                                                                             

for piano and chamber ensemble (14’)

buy Qualia II
buy Cantabile Hop

Forget Buxtehude and Grab That Banjo

for saxophone, guitar,

piano and percussion (2020)  9' 

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Down With Those Guitars!

for 6-string electric bass (2020)  7‘ 

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for guitar  (2020)  3‘ 

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for flute and guitar

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Concord of Thought

for two amplified

equal instruments  (2015-20)  5' 

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Obscure Arts Parade

for bass quartet (2021) 3’    


bass and Marimba (2024) 10’    

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Under the Long Shadow of Senseless Acts

for violin, cello and piano (2019)  8‘  (Coming soon)

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Guitar Trio

for three classical or electric guitars (2019)  9‘ 

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Buy Guitar Trio

Focus Beyond Clarity

for alto saxophone and guitar (2019)  7‘ 

Buy Focus Beyond Clarity

On the Continuity of Self

for alto saxophone and guitar (2018)  6‘ 

Buy On The Continuity of Self
Buy Less


for percussion quartet (2017)  9‘ 

buy The Port Within

The Port Within

for wind quintet and piano (2016)  8‘ 

buy Transparent Sun

No va más                                                                                  

for violin and piano (2022)  5‘  

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Transparent Sun                                                                                  

for violin and piano (2015)  9‘  

buy Simultaneous Worlds

Simultaneous Worlds                                                                    

for flute and percussion (2008)  8‘

More Music For Examining And Buying Merchandise                            

solo or variable instrumentation and electronics (2012)  8’

buy More Music for examining
buy Black Box Bossa

Black Box Bossa                                                                    

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (2009)  8‘  

Buy Othe Quality Items Include

Other Quality Items Included

for flute ensemble (2019) 7’    

buy Hyperlinks 1 sax

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 1                                                         

for saxophone quartet (2008)  6’                                                         Buy Score at Effiny Music

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 2                                                          Buy Score at Effiny Music

for saxophone quartet (2005)  3’

buy Hyperlinks II sax

Your Questions Online

for string quartet (2019) 15'

buy Exhaling Space

Exhaling Space                                               (2014) 10’

buy Medley from a future of tango

Medley from A Future of Tango                  

for string quartet (2012) 4‘

buy Hyperlinks 2 string quartet

Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 2   

for string quartet (2012) 3’

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